You are not a product.

Why let your inbox be sold to advertisers?
Enjoy a private, secure and green email service

Take control of your inbox

Be private and secure

  • We will keep your mailbox secure and protected. 

Be respected

  • We respect you and treat you as our friend. Our customer service is here for you, should you have any questions to our service

The email service with zero-spam tolerance

Go ad-free

  • Enjoy your mailbox without ads of any kind. We will never scan your emails or follow you around online to profit from ads. You are our customer, not something we sell to advertisers.

Say no to spam

  • You will have full control of messages allowed into your private mailbox. Fjordmail is developing a unique system for zero-spam tolerance.

Care about our planet and people

Help end the water crisis

  • We are huge fans of The Water Project. All revenues from your first 6 months of subscription will be donated to help provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa - one community at a time.

Sustainability in operations

  • Fjordmail servers are located in Norway, a country where 97% of electricity production is renewable energy (mainly hydro power). Due to the cold climate, our servers are also cooled down using outside air with low temperature (green cooling) during the winter.

Instant access through your choice of devices

Fjordmail can easily be accessed through any device of your choice. We offer access through easy-to-use web interface, mobile webapp, or any other app of your choice (IMAP).

Your email will be syncronized between your devices at all times.

Fjordmail Superior privacy protection through EU and Norwegian legislation