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Fjordmail has a vision to become one of the most easy-to-use and secure email services in the world.

Your personal data will be safe with us; and kept within one of the most consumer-friendly jurisdictions in the world – Norway.

At Fjordmail you will be in full control of your inbox, through our unique system for zero spam tolerance.

Even though Fjordmail is currently under initial development, we invite you to join our community of users who believes in the idea of creating a superior alternative to Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, etc. We appreciate all of your support in achieving this.

Many thanks,

The Fjordmail team

Our story

Your personal email inbox is like your brain. You carry it around wherever you go. It contains your memories, your history, and your thoughts. Your mailbox contains your work applications, your school resume, and your love letters. Inside your inbox are also large amounts of sensitive data; like passwords, your personal ID, your credit card details, and a copy of your passport. In short: Your mailbox contains your personal identity and a huge part of your private life.

In addition, your email address is essential to gain or restore access to any online resource you are using, like social media accounts. Your email address is a key part of your digital identification.

Most people do not recognize this, but your email poses one of the greatest digital security and privacy hazards to your life. Even though email today is one of the most important and frequently used mediums of modern communication, and your mailbox contains your private life and identity; you have no clue where in the world your data is stored. You do not know who can access your data or how your data is being used. You have chosen a free email service because it was the easiest available option at the time you acquired it, and you have not looked back on that decision ever since.

The fact is that your mailbox is stored at different unknown locations around the world. It can be accessed by thousands of developers who may or may not have legit and sympathetic intentions. If being hacked, all sensitive and personal information about you and your life will be exposed. Are you willing to take this exceptional leap of faith by placing your trust with someone who has commercial incentives to exploit your personal data in any possible way? Or really, with any company at all, storing data in geographical places and jurisdictions you do not even know?

Fjordmail’s vision is to create a system that solves the significant imbalance where consumers are placing trust with a company that has incentives to exploit the data in their mailbox for commercial gain. Fjordmail will do this by developing a solution to keep your mailbox fully encrypted and hence impossible to read by any other person than you (even Fjordmail as a service provider will not be able to access the encrypted mailbox, since the customer is the sole possessor of the private key to decrypt the messages).

Fjordmail will be one of very few providers offering encrypted mailboxes globally, and the first provider offering this from Norwegian grounds (server location and legislative governance).

In addition to solving this imbalance of trust and security issue, Fjordmail has will address the well-known frustration that many users experience today: Large amount of spam emails arriving every day. We are creating a unique system that will enable you to apply extremely effective spam filtering and take full control of your inbox.

Currently, we have launched the first version of our email service from servers in Norway, and invite customers and supporters to join us. Going forward, we will develop Fjordmail along with our ambitions to become the most secure, easy-to-use, and reliable email service in the world.

You can help us achieve our plan by becoming a customer or by providing us with feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Fjordmail team