Why should I pay for an email account?

Why pay for email
These are the benefits of paying for an email account and how your money is spent.

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A Fjordmail subscription will cost you a few bucks per month. It’s maybe not a huge deal to you, but it means a lot to us. So, why should you choose to pay for an email account?

Of course, there are many free alternatives out there if you are looking for a new email address. Yet, more and more people are choosing to go with a non-mainstream email provider for various reasons. Most alternative email providers rely on payments from their customers to keep the email systems up and running. So, the decision to go alternative is also a decision to start paying a small monthly fee to that provider.

To keep it short, here are some of the reasons to opt for a paid-for email account:

  • Get access to personal support staff for email related questions
  • Avoid annoying advertisement in your mailbox
  • Escape from the giant ecosystems where you are treated as a product for sale to advertisers rather than a customer
  • Improved transparency and certainty of where your email data is stored; who can access it; and what it is used for
  • Achieve better protection of your privacy rights
  • Be able to use your name in the email address for a more serious appearance (e.g. john.smith@fjordmail.com instead of john_smith_9371@hotmail.com)
  • Support diversity for online services instead of a monopolistic player
  • Contribute to certain purposes, e.g. improving the health of our planet

At Fjordmail, we are strong believers of all of the above mentioned ideas. In fact, we believe we have created a concept that addresses the wishes of many alternative thinkers out there.

We are firm believers that our product will survive at scale with a business model that can also do good for our customers, people, and planet.

Please, do let us know if you have an idea for how we can improve!

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