Terms of Service

This web site offers email and other internet based services through fjordmail.com and sub domains, collectively referred to as “the Service” or “Fjordmail”.

Fjordmail is fully owned by Fjordmail Technologies AS (“the Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). Fjordmail Technologies AS is incorporated and located in Norway, with company registration number NO 920 243 347 MVA.

By using Fjordmail, you agree to the following Terms of Service (“the Agreement”).

1. Changes to the service and the Terms of Service

The Service can be changed at any time without prior notice as Fjordmail is continuously under development. Being devoted to developing an even better service for our supporters, we invite everyone to submit proposals and suggestions for new functionality etc.

Fjordmail is based on Open Source components, and we frequently upgrade these components in order to increase service quality and security. Yet, we do not guarantee that at any given time, all such components will be up to date.

This Agreement may change from time to time. Such changes will be made available at least 30 days before becoming effective. By continuing to use the Service, you agree to the latest Terms of Service. For changes to this Agreement which we categorize as significant (e.g. changes to our tariffs), we are committed to keep you informed via your primary (Fjordmail) email address.

2. Registration and use of the Service

The Service is provided exclusively to individuals who are above the age of consent for processing of personal data (typically 16 years in EU countries), or to minors who have obtained parental or legal guardian consent to use the service

The Service is provided exclusively to private persons and for private usage, accounts used for other purpose or created by e.g. ”bots” may be terminated by us at any time

You are solely responsible for all messages sent through the Service through your account

The Service shall not be used for:

Any activities that are prohibited by law

Transmitting or storing content that is unlawful, infringes copyright, or may reasonably be considered to be harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy

Transmitting or storing of viruses or other similar harmful programming

Sending unsolicited email (e.g. junk/spam mail) or bulk emails  (i.e. emails not accepted by a recipient in advance and triggered by an action by the recipient)

Impersonating any other person than yourself

Interfering with or disrupt the Service or affiliated services or networks

The company is entitled to claim compensation for any damages as a result of your breach of this Agreement

You are responsible for making sure to frequently check your Fjordmail inbox for important messages from us, as we use your Fjordmail email address as the primary point of communication

3. Subscription

Fjordmail is a pre-paid subscription based service, and all payments are recurring by default

You may cancel your subscription at any time. In such case, the recurring payment will be stopped, and you will have access to the Service throughout your current pre-paid period. Pre-paid balance will not be reimbursed upon cancellation

You are responsible for making sure that your subscription is successfully renewed before expiry, in order to maintain access to the Service

Due to its nature, the Service is generally non-refundable, and any refunds or credits given will be at the sole discretion of the Company

The Company may terminate this Agreement without prior notice if you breach the provisions of this Agreement. Upon such termination, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

Upon termination and/or expiry of your subscription, your data will be permanently deleted from our servers within 120 days from the expiry date. You may request that your data is permanently deleted earlier.

The Company may at any time make changes to Fjordmail’s subscription plans and pricing. Your will receive an email notice of any price change that exceeds 5% per annum or includes other material changes to your subscription plan. Any such price change can only be applied for subscription periods after the current pre-paid subscription period

4. Privacy

By agreeing to our Terms of Service (this Agreement) you also agree to our Privacy Policy (https://fjordmail.com/privacy-policy), including that certain information about you is being collected, stored, and used by us

5. Limited Warranties and Liability

We cannot make any warranty about the reliability of the Service or guarantee the security of user data despite best efforts. The Service is provided “as is” and you agree to not hold the Company responsible nor to seek indemnification for any damages that may arise as a result of the loss of use, data, or profits connected to the performance of the Service or failure in such performance.

Furthermore, you will not hold the Company liable or seek indemnification if confidential material is unintentionally released as the result of a security failure or vulnerability in the performance of the Service

We may make improvements and changes to the Service at any time without notice. The Company may at its sole discretion, terminate service without cause or notice.

6. Governance

This Agreement, and any other agreement between you and the Company, shall be governed by the laws of Norway. Norwegian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes related to this Agreement or the Service. Oslo city court shall be the legal venue.